The story

WeWatt is the story of people with a passion for sustainable innovation.
What started as an idea to enjoy people with the feeling of generating their own energy and make them feel their human power, grew into a sustainable and mission-driven company focusing on the possibilities of generating human power.

So WeWatt is all about people. People have the Power
It is about people cycling to self-power their devices. Feeling free and renewable energy.
It is about people choosing an active lifestyle to be fit and healthy.
It is about bringing people together around our human powered bikes.
It is about people making our products by hand in a sheltered workplace aiming at integrating people with disabilities into the labor market.
It is about people choosing with care the best sustainable materials available on the market to build our products.
It is about working with and educating students from all over to world willing to learn about our concept and technology.
It is about bridging the gap between people in the North and in the South and making them feel the same experience of cycling to generate their own power.
It is about empowering people.
It is about a lot of people contributing their time, energy and knowledge to make the best offer and providing the best service to our customers.

We want to thank you for joining us -in whatever way – on our path to bring the potential of human power everywhere.
Little by little a little power becomes a lot.

Why Watt

The power of electricity is indicated in “WATT”, which is the unit of power and it comes from the late inventor James Watt. 

Watt invented the steam engine and expressed its power in horse power because horses were used for everything before this engine. 

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